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Hannah founded Cambridge Maths Tuition as she is passionate about maths and wanted to help others enjoy it too.  She has many years of experience in tutoring maths. 

After finishing school (GCSE grade A* in Maths and A* in Statistics) and Hills Road Sixth Form College (A Level Mathematics and AS Level Further Mathematics grades A and the Mayne Prize for Mathematics), Hannah went to the University of Bristol to study degree level maths.  She graduated in 2006 with First Class Honours.  She also has a Masters degree in Environmental Technology from Imperial College London.  

Hannah has always loved working with children, whether it be babysitting and nannying, working in a school or tutoring.  She keeps the maths that she tutors fun and interesting and offers clear explanations of tricky concepts.  She specialises in A Level and IB level mathematics.  Hannah also marks both Maths and Further Maths A Levels for one of the major exam boards.



Phil is an experienced information technology professional, with great communications skills and a passion for teaching others. He has a First Class honours degree in Engineering and worked within IT in the financial sector.

He really enjoys tutoring, particularly figuring out how each individual student learns and tailoring his tuition appropriately.  He loves to teach in an interactive way, relating topics to real life examples.

Phil is very thorough and ensures that students are fully prepared for their exams by ensuring all aspects of the specification are covered and giving the student time to comprehensively cover past exam papers to help them fully understand and prepare for the material which they will face in the exams.



Lisa has always had a passion for problem solving, logic puzzles and science. She studied Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for her A levels and then went on to gain a joint honours BSc in Biochemistry and Physics and a PhD in Biophysics.


Following a number of years enjoying travelling to different countries for various scientific research posts, Lisa settled in Cambridge and spent a number of years working as a commercial analyst. Lisa then moved on to teaching and has spent the last 10 years delivering a number of different courses in Maths (A level, FSMQ and GCSE) and Physics (GCSE) in both a class room setting and one to one. Lisa finds teaching extremely rewarding, particularly when her students improve and develop their understanding. Lisa has a track record in helping students to reach their full potential through playing an integral part in encouraging and supporting students in their studies. Lisa is very clam and patient in nature, allowing her students to quickly feel at ease, able to ask questions and fully engage in lessons.


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Ollie is a qualified Maths teacher and Cambridge graduate offering tutoring up to A-Level standard. 

Ollie considers confidence to be a vitally important factor when studying Maths and aims to tutor in a relaxed but focused manner which helps students to boost both their confidence and enjoyment of the subject. He is friendly and approachable so that students have no fear of asking questions in order to improve. 

Ollie has previously taught GCSE, A-Level and Functional Skills Maths and also has experience of teaching re-sit candidates and adult learners.


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Paul took a degree in physics and chemistry (joint honours) at Nottingham because he couldn't decide between them, then moved to Cambridge for a PhD in polymer science.  He moved to London to experience working in finance in an overcrowded, busy, diverse city, then decided that settling in Cambridge was a better choice.

Paul has twenty years of experience of teaching in colleges, tutoring one-to-one, delivering revision courses to prepare students for their upcoming exams, teaching international students at Summer schools, marking physics papers and growing chillies.  He likes cookery, bridge and crosswords.  His outlook on science is that understanding really thoroughly means you have to remember far less, and equips you to deal with unfamiliar questions, problems and situations far better than memorising vast screeds of text does.  It is also important for students to know some facts about the world in which they live, and the subjects they are studying.  You never know when knowledge might come in useful!



During Sonia's BSc degree in Chemistry, she was awarded an Erasmus grant to go to Bath University.  She graduated in 2003 with a First Class Honours degree in Chemistry, then going on to study a PhD in Organic Chemistry at Bath University. 


After the PhD, Sonia did research for a year in an oncological hospital and then worked in the pharmaceutical and dye industry but was driven more towards teaching.  Sonia qualified as a teacher and has been teaching Chemistry, Maths and Science since 2016 as a tutor and also by working as Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry teacher in a sixth form college in Cambridge.  

Sonia's passion is to motivate and keep students engaged in a dynamic and fun environment. During the lessons she constantly assesses her students´ learning progress in order to help them to improve with persistently further practice until they get their target grades. She implements different teaching techniques in order to differentiate, progress, inspire and improve their personal learning and organisation as well as stretch students to achieve to the best of their ability, whilst respecting their personal pace of learning. Sonia's teaching methods include mind maps, creative thinking, thinking through talking, posing open questions, exercise practice, past exams practice, mock examinations, tracking and marking of homework, tangible/practical experience and use of digital and printed resources as well as e-learning using IT tools such as quizzes, Kahoot, drawing charts (Excel) and Google slide share.



Tara is a PhD researcher at Cambridge University in Chemical Engineering, and has a Masters and BSc (Hons).  She is also currently supporting two masters (taught) students with producing their dissertations.

Tara has given private 1:1 tuition to GCSE students for Maths, Chemistry, Geography, Physics, Combined Science (Trilogy) and English Literature; AS and A Level tuition support in Extended Project, Geography, Environmental Science, Geology; supervised degree-level Natural Sciences/Geology students (1:1 and groups up to 40 people) and supported many students with their University applications from undergraduate to postgraduate for a range of Universities (including Oxbridge).  Tara has also taught Maths, English and 11 Plus to children between the ages of 5-14 years.


Tara has training in how to best support children with Special Educational Needs (SEN), and she strongly believes with the best support, every student will achieve their potential.

In addition, Tara recently created a bespoke course for Oxmedica Education ltd. and provided 14-16 year old girls with a (targeted to A-Level experience) course in Petroleum Engineering and Renewable Energy. providing the students with a foundation of the basics in fluid mechanics, chemistry (for industrial application), renewable energy engineering, applied (engineering) mathematics and geology.

She is also a PhD Tutor with The Brilliant Club, for whom she has created a bespoke course in Energy and Infrastructure (Engineering and Renewable Energy) tailored for groups between 14-18 years.



Sam is a first-class maths graduate and a full-time maths tutor of seven years. He has delivered over one thousand hours of one-to-one tuition in the past two years alone, working with London and Cambridge-based students from GCSE level up to Undergraduate. 

Sam has also undertaken extensive training as a personal coach and now works in this field to help people improve their confidence, overcome anxiety, and challenge limiting beliefs. He now draws on this experience in his tutoring to empower his students to set exciting goals, adopt effective study habits, and remain motivated and engaged with their studies.

Sam's contagious passion for maths, combined with his results-focused methodology, make him an excellent choice for students looking to improve their academic prospects. 




Sam is a friendly and dedicated tutor with a lifelong passion for maths. He enjoys working with students to help them achieve their goals.  


He studied Maths, Further Maths and Physics at A-level before going on to gain mathematics degrees from the Universities of Bath (undergrad) and Cambridge (masters).   


Sam believes it is important to personalise the method of teaching to the individual student to help them get the most of every lesson. He likes to break down difficult concepts into manageable pieces and build up understanding through examples.  


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Chris is a qualified Maths teacher and former Head of Mathematics at a secondary school and sixth form college. He really enjoys helping students to overcome difficulties, explore challenging problems and succeed in their learning.

Chris excelled in Mathematics and gained the highest grade possible in all his Maths qualifications up to degree standard. He has taught from KS3 up to A-level for 6 years in the classroom, taking on private tuition in his spare time from 2010. This role gave him experience of different specifications and a deep understanding of what is required to be successful on a number of different courses, as well as which resources and techniques are beneficial to students. 

As Head of Maths, Chris introduced GCSE statistics to his school’s offer of qualifications, and had oversight for a large selection of Mathematical courses including: the entry level certificate, GCSE Maths, GCSE Further Maths, GCSE Statistics, the FSMQ, AS Maths and Further Maths, A-level Maths and Further Maths and AS Core Maths.  He also oversaw the development of online provision during the pandemic, giving him tested experience teaching online on different platforms.

He stepped down as Head of Maths to pursue a career change and he is now studying for a master’s qualification while he continues to tutor Mathematics.


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Stella has 6 years of tutoring and classroom teaching experience globally (UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, and Romania).  


She achieved Grade 9 in IGCSE Biology and Chemistry, and Grade A in A-Level Maths, Biology, and Chemistry. She then went on to attain a double degree in Education and Science, graduated with a First Class Honours and seven Dean’s Honour Lists (Top 10% of cohort). She further read an MPhil in Education at the University of Cambridge, followed by a PGCE in Science at the University of Oxford.  


Stella deems that every student has the potential to master Maths and Science if they acquire the skills to crack the questions efficiently on behalf of their knowledge. 

Stella offers Maths tuition up to GCSE/IGCSE standard.  She also offers science tuition - click here to find out more. 



Matthew is working towards a PhD in Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge University and has been teaching students from across the world for the past ten years. He has a lifelong interest in mathematics and helping students maximise their potential through understanding a broad range of complex topics and problems.

He achieved one of the highest grades in Ireland for A-Level Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics and was awarded an Entrance Scholarship to study Mathematics at Trinity College, Dublin. Upon graduating, Matthew was awarded a First-Class Honours and Gold Medal for academic excellence.


Matthew proceeded to obtain a Masters in Mathematics from The University of Cambridge, where you will currently find him researching towards his PhD.


Matthew has had great success in tutoring students. Many of his students have gone on to Oxbridge or Ivy League Colleges in the USA. He believes in a forensic and individual approach to teaching mathematics and works both online and in-person.


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Nisha is a recent Chemistry graduate from the University of Nottingham currently working as Research Associate at one of Cambridge’s leading biotechnology companies.

She achieved 12 A* at GCSE and A*A*A at A-level in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. She went on to graduate with First Class Honors for an Integrated Master’s Degree and was awarded the BP STEM Female Excellence Award for Chemistry in recognition of her academic achievements.

Nisha has over 5 years of tutoring and mentoring experience and has always found it extremely rewarding to help students build confidence in their skills. Using the creative approaches to learning complicated mathematics and science topics that assisted her own academic success, she has been able adapt to her teaching methods to focus on not just memorising, but actually understanding concepts.



Alex takes a very student centric approach to teaching and tutoring.  His experience has shown that there are many ways to cover a topic and make it engaging. Even finding the correct learning method for a student can be fun.

Alex has taught students of all ages from all around the world. He has experience teaching A Level and GCSE Maths and Chemistry one to one and in groups. His educational background has prepared him to be knowledgeable in all Maths and Sciences syllabuses.  Most recently, Alex has also been teaching online and has found techniques to bring classes to life.

Alex's education, including a Master's Degree in Engineering and a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults, has prepared him in the knowledge and skills necessary for teaching and tutoring.



Sarah is a recent Software Engineering graduate with a First-Class Honours degree. She has previously studied mathematics for GCSE, A-Level and is currently revising for her actuarial exams. She has lots of experience working with younger children as an assistant childminder and 2 years experience of GCSE level math tuition. 


Sarah is a fun and easy person to get along with, who has a passion for problem solving.  She ensures that her students gain confidence within the subject through patience and an enthusiastic attitude. She creates personalised lesson plans and questions tailored to each students' specific needs. She familiarises herself regularly with the specification and ensures all areas are covered. Sarah also tailors her teaching to each student's core learning styles, whether that be through graphic depictions, vocal explanations, written information or a more active approach. 



Morgan is an engaging and committed tutor with five years’ experience of tutoring GCSE and A-Level students in Mathematics and Physical Sciences. He is also a Mathematics supervisor at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he recently graduated with a First Class MSci degree specialising in Physics. 


Morgan enjoys tutoring students of all abilities and ensures that the important concepts are well understood. Morgan is also able to help with Oxbridge admissions and entrance exams, such as STEP.



The studies of mathematics, like the Nile, begins in minuteness but ends in magnificence - Charles Caleb Cotton. 

These days, anyone who hears me say, "I love maths" thinks I've always loved maths but that's far from the truth. I struggled with maths and even failed my GCE in maths ( an equivalent of GCSE). 

So many teachers tried teaching me but I just could not grasp the concepts because they used the same methods I struggled with at school and never worked on finding out what the cracks were in my knowledge.  A house built on a faulty foundation cannot stand the test of time. 

One day I met the greatest teacher in the world,  in my opinion, because not only was he able to teach me maths but he made me love maths. The quote above pretty much sums up how he taught me. He started from the basics, no assumptions made and he used all sorts of new methods to teach me. He showed me that there were so many ways to learn any topic. 

I retook my GCE in maths and got the highest grade possible, won an award in maths, studied engineering,  taught other students that were tagged "hopeless in maths" and got my daughter ready for her GCSE in maths by age 6. 

It doesn't matter how 'bad' any one is at maths, if they have a desire to learn and time, I can teach them. 

If you are interested in becoming a Cambridge Maths Tuition tutor, please email us.