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Taking Exams


We often get requests from students wishing to resit their GCSE or A Level Maths.  Whether you want to push for the top grades or secure a pass, one of our expert tutors will be able to help.  When going through retakes, you will work together with the tutor to identify problem areas and really focus on the topics that will help you the most.  The tutor will also address exam technique to help you prepare for the big day.

Our tutors have helped lots of students resit both GCSE and A Level exams.  If you would like to discuss your re-sit with us then send us an email.

Cambridge Maths Tuition is experienced in registering private candidates for their GCSE or A Level exams at local exam centres.  We are a registered learning partner with Tutors & Exams, giving Cambridge Maths Tuition candidates preferential rates when registering for exams at any of their exam centres.  Find out more about Tutors & Exams by visiting their website or reading this document.

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