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Summer Maths Club with Lydia

Girl Power

One of our wonderful tutors, Lydia, is running summer maths sessions (herself with a small group of other tutors) at the C3 church in Cambridge, with online options.  Lydia is so well loved by all her students, and very inspiring as she has a contagious passion for maths, helping her students understand key concepts and flourish in maths as they learn.


Email us for more info or to book.

Can't believe I'm writing this, but my son really enjoys his extra maths lessons!  He was reluctant at the start, but his teacher Lydia is so engaging and explains things in a way he can understand.  I can hear them chatting and he's animated and interested.  He went off to his maths exam saying he was "quite looking forward to it" which is a major turn of events!


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